Massage Spa Rules and Etiquette

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Although the general rules of massage spa etiquette are reasonably known, they can vary greatly, depending on the exact preferences of a spa. However, there are some questions, such as how much to tip at a massage spa or what to wear to a massage that are raising the most questions. Those are just some of the general factors that can be found within a certain massage spa etiquette.

Different spas have different rules and etiquette, but there are some key things to remember for each hand every one of them. You should come to your appointed massage dressed as you would be for anywhere else. Another critical thing to remember is not to start undressing before the therapist leaves the room and get under the sheets before they come back in. Those are just some of the good manner examples when it comes to standard massage spas. Here at Maui Body Massage, we take pride in providing spa resort quality massages, without the resort prices.

What to wear to a massage spa

While you can choose to remain fully clothed during your next massage spa session, it is definitely not desirable, as it limits the therapist’s ability to access muscles in most areas of your body. Dress down to your personal level of comfort and the specialists will work around that. The majority of people choose to remove their top layers of clothing, which allows the massage spa specialists to do their magic. Men could wear loose boxer shorts, which helps the most comfort and accessibility. Women can keep their panties, but keeping a bra on might not be a great idea, as it can hinder the masseur’s movement.

However, if you decide not to wear clothes, keep in mind that private parts should be covered at all times, during the session. Apart from the clothing etiquette during your session, you should dress as you would typically when coming or going to a massage spa. For people who have long hair, it might be a good idea to bring along a hair clip or a hair tie. It is also important to remember that if you are requiring work on a specific part of your body, the rest may be left clothed if you wish so.

What not to do before going to a massage spa

Apart from clothes, you should keep in mind that some jewelry may obstruct the therapists work. Dangly earrings, large necklaces or wide bracelets are prime examples of that. Rings and most piercings are quite alright.

It’s a pretty good idea to take some time aside and prepare adequately, before going to your next massage spa treatment. Eating lightly before a massage, as well as trying to relax as much as possible will complete the needed preparation for a truly memorable massage therapy treatment.

To get the most out of your next massage spa treat, you should carefully choose your massage therapist, as well as the exact type of massage that would be a perfect match for your needs and wants.

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