About Maui Body Massage

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Specializing in injury treatment and sports massage as well as Swedish and Lomi Lomi, and hot stones.

Massage Heals The Body & Mind

My main goal is to help people feel and become the best version of themselves. A happy body is also a happy mind. I particularly enjoy witnessing changes in my clients’ health after watching them in constant body pain; the transformation is so rewarding as I see my clients returning on a regular basis for relief.

I specialize in injury treatment and sports massage as well as Swedish and Lomi Lomi, and hot stone. All of these services will have an effect on clients and will change the way they feel.

Respecting our bodies and relieving body aches is the best gift we can offer to ourselves. Feeling great is life changing!

Maui Lahaina Massage Therapy
Maui Lahaina Massage Therapy

Rejuvenating Services

I also can provide body scrubs, which are excellent for the skin; they rejuvenate and polish every inch of dead skin and induce relaxation. I will treat scalp and include a mini facial so the massage will feel complete.

If you love heat and warmth, you will enjoy my hot stone specialty, along with a soothing Lomi Lomi massage that will relax your whole being and mind.

Something For Everyone

I can also provide hands and feet reflexology service that you will love. Semi deep and deep is great for strengthening your hands and tired feet.

If you are pregnant I offer a great prenatal massage that will leave you rested and comnfortable. I focus on the lower back and upper shoulder as well as a gentle legs and feet massage. This massage will only be a relaxation service as deep tissue is not recommended for expecting mothers.

Lahaina Massage Therapist