5 Reasons To Get A Lomi Lomi Massage On Your Hawaiian Vacation

Maui Lahaina Massage Therapy

Lomi what? No, I did not just cough while trying to type llama. Lomi lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage that’s been used over the years for its healing and rejuvenating properties. Next time you go to book a massage for your Hawaiian vacation, consider the five benefits of choosing lomi lomi.

1. Enjoy an authentic Hawaiian experience

The practice of lomi lomi originated in ancient Polynesia. Specifically, master healers of Hawaii used lomi lomi to heal and bring relaxation to people of their communities. The massage incorporates the Hawaiian concept of aloha, meaning love, peace and compassion. It’s also known as “loving hands” due to the belief that the healer channels love into the recipient’s body through their touch. Up until the early 1970s, the practice was confined to just Hawaii. However, recently it has been shared with more parts of the world and grown in popularity. Nonetheless, a lomi lomi massage is still a quintessential part of Hawaiian culture.

2. Release emotional blockages

The hands are a critical component of the healing process with lomi lomi. It is believed that the masseuse can channel their love through their touch to the recipient. Not only is physical manipulation of the muscle involved, but Hawaiians say that an emotional release is achieved. Hawaiians believe that old habits and behaviors are stored in the cells of the body and can be released through the long, flowing strokes of lomi lomi.

3. Alleviate stress and tension

The technique for lomi lomi massage involves rhythmic motions using the hand and forearms. Many people believe the sensation to be like ocean waves on your skin. This pressure loosens any tension in the muscles and prevents stiffness. It also aids in blood circulation, lowering blood pressure and removing toxins from the body. The lomi lomi technique involves gentle stretches of the body and rotation of the joints, both of which encourage the flow of energy in your body. It’s common for masseuses to work on different parts of the body at the same time, such as lower back with the hamstrings. In doing so, the brain can’t fixate on both sensations and is forced into a further state of relaxation.

4. Seek harmony in the body

Lomi lomi is based on the Hawaiian philosophy of Huna, stating that we all seek harmony and love in the universe. When harmony is absent, we feel physical, mental and spiritual pain. The pain causes tension in the muscles which blocks our body’s flow of energy. Lomi lomi massage is used to alleviate the tension and facilitate the movement of energy, bringing harmony back to the body. It is also believed that by massaging two areas of your body at once, your masseuse generates balance.

5. Choose a massage that is tailored to your body

No two lomi lomi massages are the same. Generally, the first thing your masseuse will do is place their hands on your body and take a moment of silence. They may say a prayer, asking for the healing that is needed for YOUR particular body. From there, the masseuse tailors their movements to your needs. They may engage in exercises such as breath work, dancing, or hula that promote the flow of energy between practitioner and recipient, making it easier to read your energy flow.  You can leave a lomi lomi massage feeling certain that the needs of your muscles (and emotional state) have been addressed.

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